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Let's Work Together to Shift Your Relationship to Your Body and Photos

For most of us, how we feel about our relationship to photos remains unspoken, remains in our head in the tone of our inner critic. Or comes out in moments when we say "I hate getting my photo taken" or when we react to a photo.


For many of us, our relationship to our body through the lens takes up LOTS of brain space. But the powerful thing is that once we release them, once we let them be heard, once we listen to ourselves tell our own body story...we are no longer alone in those thoughts.


As a Body Trust Coach, I'm here to support you in telling your body story, in releasing those thoughts and in shifting those judgements about yourself towards a place of neutrality. 


I specialize in our relationship to our body in photos and our reactions we have to them though I'm happy to support you in any aspect of your relationship to your body image. In fact, we always dig into more than just our relationship to photos as it is deeply tied to how we perceive our body image as a whole.


You might find yourself here because you:

  • Avoid being in or looking at photos of yourself

  • You have done work around your relationship to food, body and ditching diet culture but feel like it all rushes back when you see photo of yourself

  • You are missing from the visual story of your life

  • You struggle with your relationship to photos and feel disconnected from the person looking back at you


Photos are often the 'final frontier' of our body acceptance path. They often hold tight to the old stories about how we have felt about our body in the past. Thankfully, becausethey are often so challenging, they are also a doorway to shedding those old stories.


We will co-create a space where we may explore:

  • Your can rewrite your body story and reclaim your voice back from your inner critic

  • Help you move forward in your relationship to your body image

  • Rebuild a sense of body trust and self-trust

  • Cultivate body image resilience

  • Deconstruct the diet culture lens that you've been taught to see yourself through 

  • Dismantling the fatpbobia and weight stigma we've placed on our self-image in our photos

  • Exploring body grief around your present body

  • Find more body neutrality including in your relationship to photos

  • Stepping more fully into your own life and letting go of the ways their critical voice has held you back


Our work might be rooted in our relationship to photos and use the camera as a tool for self-discovery and other times we'll be digging into other tools to support your journey.


My work is rooted in the Health at Every Size (HAES) paradigm, the Body Trust Framework I was trained in, Trauma Informed Coaching and Therapeutic Photography. At the heart of all of these is the believe that you are already worthy, you are already enough and the work is to dismantle the biases and beliefs that get in the way of us truly seeing that.


I see you as whole & worthy and I see you through a lens that has worked hard to dismantle my own biases (and is always learning).


I'd love to work with you in one of the options below to shift your relationship with yourself through the lens and support your body acceptance path as a whole.


Check out the options of how we can work together below and feel free to book a Discovery Session with me to find out more !


Body Acceptance Coaching

We will meet for coaching twice a month for 3 months, 6 sessions total. Throughout this time we can explore what you need to make shifts in your relationship to your body image. 


We start out with a 90 minute coaching session to really dig into where you want to go in this work and then will meet bimonthly for 1 hour each session. 


The cost of the coaching package is $1050 CAD or 3 payments of $350 CAD 


Click here to book a Discovery Session with me!


Resilience Sessions 

The Photo Resilience Sessions are one off sessions for those folks who have a particular photo or situation that you'd like support around in your relationship to photos but aren't wanting a longer term coaching package. 

In these sessions we work together to cultivate more resilience and self-support in your relationship to photos but in reference to a particular situation or photo that you'd like to work with. It works particularly well focusing on one of these types of things:

  • A particular photo that you're struggling with. 

  • You have a photo session coming up with a photographer or know you are going to be photographed at an event

  • You've had your photo taken and are reacting to the photos that you're seeing and would like to explore shifting those reactions you're having.

The cost is $175 CAD for a 1 hour call together. 


Book a Photo Resilience Session here.



If what you are looking for is more of a consultation type session where you want to ask advice or pick my brain on a subject like body acceptance, entrepreneurship, etc, let me know and I'm open to doing these sessions for 1 hour at the same rate as the Photo Resilience sessions.


The cost for these sessions is $175 for a 1 hour call together. 


Book a Consultation/Mentoring Session here.

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Vivienne McMaster & Be Your Own Beloved

Vivienne McMaster is a photographer, trauma informed coach and workshop leader and the force behind Be Your Own Beloved. She believes that we can have a neutral, accepting relationship with the person looking back at us in photos. 


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