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Are you ready to change the story that you aren't photogenic? 


Are you ready to see photos of yourself that feel you recognize yourself in?


Are you ready to reclaim your personal power, reclaim your voice back from your inner critic?


Are you ready for a tool that can help you step into a kinder relationship with yourself?


Are you ready to Be Your Own Beloved?


The Be Your Own Beloved E-Courses are programs to help you support you on your path to seeing yourself with compassion. To help you learn and put into practice new ways of learning to treat yourself with the same kindness and reverence that you would a beloved one.


In these programs we use the tool of self-portrait photography aka selfies as a doorway to making a change in the way we see ourselves, our bodies and our lives. We are reclaiming and redefining how we see ourselves, outside of the lens of self-critique we may have become accustomed to. We are creating a new lens to see ourselves through, one that sees us with kinder eyes.


There are a few different online programs to suit your readiness to explore self-compassion through selfies. All are beginner friendly and designed for folks who aren’t presently comfortable in front of a camera but feel drawn to shift the way you see yourself in images and in the mirror.


Below are the classes open for registration running as a community session with a private class group to connect in and daily support from Vivienne as well as self-paced classes (that you can start anytime)!

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