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Be Your Own Beloved

In this space, in these offerings we believe that all bodies are worthy bodies. We have been  taught us to see ourselves through a lens of diet culture. It has built up the unrealistic body standards that so many of us compare ourselves with. But it can also be the tool to help us break out of those expetations.

To see our body and ourselves through our own lens.

To call out the things that cloud the lens with which we see ourselves.

To reconnect to the person looking back at us in the photo.

To reclaim our power back by picking up the lens and telling our own story.

On our own terms...

Hi I'm Vivienne

Hi! I'm Vivienne McMaster and for the last 10 years I've been helping people shift how they see themselves in photos. This work began through my own reckoning with myself about my relationship to my body image. I realized I couldn't keep treating myself the way I was. 

It so happened that I picked up a camera around that time and realized, much to my surprise, that by being in front of the camera, taking my own photos I could shift those critical voices towards a compassionate one. It was because it was a place of critique that I could reclaim my power back and make it a place of healing.


And it can be for you too...

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Explore Your Relationship to the Lens

There are a variety of ways we can work together, through your lens by taking part in an E-Course or through my lens in a Photo Session, or through doing coaching work together.

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Learn to use your own camera lens to see your body with acceptance and compassion.



Work 1 on 1 with me to explore healing your relationship to your body image.


Portrait Sessions

Join me for a Body Acceptance Photo Session and get photo of yourself you feel empowered in!

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