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Each time we pick up the camera and head out on a photowalk it is an invitation to return to ourselves whether we aim the camera at the world around us or ourselves. 


It is a place to listen in. To our connections to the world around us, the seasons, the light, the ground under our feet. 

It is a place to listen to ourselves. To let our thoughts and emotions have a place to be heard. To walk with them. Sometimes the camera and what we are witnessing through it even gives us a place to transmute them.


Photowalks become this liminal space between tasks. They are not a place to achieve or create a product through the lens. They are a place to play through the lens and invite ourselves back to our body, to our breath, to ourselves.

I realized the other day that every single photowalk

I take has this one goal.

To come back to myself.


These days it's to come back to myself amidst the land of motherhood and family life but orignially it was to come back to myself after years of self-hatred and body critique and figure out who I was beyond those things. It also gave me purpose, a place to go when I wasn't sure what to do or felt lonely, a place to create and feel creative while moving my body too. For you it might be those things too or maybe to come back to yourself amidst the pressures of your work, or come back to yourself after a big life change. For whatever reason you might feel drawn to this class, you are welcome.


It always feels like the first photo (sometimes a selfie) is me saying “Oh there you are”. 


Sometimes the space from ourselves will feel like it’s been quite a distance. Other times the space since the last time we connected to ourselves has been less. 


This class is an invitation into Weekly Photowalk practices focusing on inviting yourself home…to yourself. This class is actually the third instalment in the Wander Photowalk series of classes and it has been accompanying me on my photowalks lately asking to be heard. 


Each prompt will have options for both photographing the world around you OR inviting yourself into the frame but it’s not specifically a selfie class. It is a YOU class however that needs to be expressed through the lens each week.

This class might feel like a fit for you if:

  • You're yearning for a photo practice in your life but don't have time to make that happen daily but a weekly practice sounds do-able and nourishing.

  • You're feeling distanced from yourself in some way be it from work, from stress, from taking care of other people, from anything really! Most of us are. And you feel drawn to a self-connection and self-compassion practice.

  • You're going through shifts and changes in your life and are yearning for a practice to ground yourself each week and listen in to what YOU feel and need right now in your life. Or to connect to who you are in this iteration of yourself.

  • You've been drawn to the Beloved classes and may want to take some self-portraits but also love the idea of a class where the photo you take is widely open ended which of course opens the door to our creativity even more! 


The Course
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The Course

Here's a bit more about the class and what we'll be exploring!

The Photowalk Class includes:

  • 8 Weekly activities in your inbox inviting you to go on a photo walk in your own home, yard or neighbourhood.

  • A Private Facebook Group for connecting and sharing our Weekly photos from our walk (check out the FAQ for questions re: the group)

Our Wander Photo Walk Practices will explore

  • The healing power of the practice of returning

  • Embodiment practices

  • Self-Care through the lens

  • Mental health photowalks  and walking with our emotions

  • Nervous system regulation

  • Connection with the natural world as connection to ourselves


Each week during the program you'll receive a photo walk activity to explore at your own pace. You'll need to find 5-20 minutes (or even just 1 minute) to explore the activity. These aren't meant to be done in epic locations where you have hours to yourself...these are meant to be something simple you're doing around your home, or in a 1 block radius in your neighbourhood or in your yard.



March 11th-May 4th, 2024



$89 CAD (Approx 65 USD) 

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Register for Wander

Join in for Wander: Return to Self

Join me for 8 Weeks of Photowalk based activities designed to invite you home to yourself. 

Prices are in Canadian Dollars and PayPal will exchange it into your currency.


Cost is $89 CAD (Approx $65 USD)

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About Vivienne

I’m Vivienne, your guide in this online class. I created Be Your Own Beloved E-Courses after many years of using the camera as a tool to find my way back from a deep struggle with negative body image and self-hate. The curriculum in this program is derived from the same tools that I used to heal how I saw myself and the practices I've done on my own healing photowalks.

I'm excited to be your guide in this journey to return home to yourself through the lens.

Vivienne…. I LOVE the way you teach/lead and engage with your class! I’ve taken many online classes and yours is the first and only class where I felt completely connected to you, our teacher. I think the opportunities you offer to connect via Instagram and Flickr, both through the photo comments and the discussions, are excellent. Mostly I appreciate and admire the fact that you were so interested in all of us that you not only checked on our pictures regularly but actually commented on each and every one of our photos! I really love that…. and I’ve never had that happen in an online class before. Thank you so very very much for everything you gave us during the class, and that includes your tons of wonderful soul nurturing, heartfelt information, and also your constant presence in the class and your kind and caring attention. You are very special and the work you are doing here is truly wonderful and so very, very important. You are helping to heal the planet, one soul at a time…

Janet McQueen



Here are the most frequently asked questions.
If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please Reach Out

Is this a self-portrait class?

This isn't a self-portrait class per say. So if you've been wanting to do a class with me but are resistant to selfies this might be one for you. That said, I will be mentioning selfies as an option with each activities but you're also to welcome to take a non-selfie as your photo for each prompt. 

Why is this class a bit more expensive than the other Wander E-Courses?

This class is a bit more expensive than the other Wander Sessions because there is a community group in this session. If you've experienced a class with me before you'll know know that I really value the sharing in these groups and make sure to have each participant feel seen and supported. Trust's well worth that extra $20!

Are these different weekly activities than the other Wander Classes?

Yes, absolutely. These prompts are different than both of the previous Wander classes as well as the Be Your own Beloved Classes. It is me (Vivienne) writing them so there are sometimes threads that have been woven through other classes but all are completely new activities. 


Do I need to have photography experience?

Not at all! I wanted to use the term selfie in this class as it really isn’t about how fancy of a photo you take for the activities.  Its about you, using a tool that feels easeful to you (be it an iPhone or Android) or a point and shoot!  Whichever type of camera feels fun & exciting to pick up and take out for your adventures!  I think most of us will likely be using a smartphone or maybe taking a DSLR out for some activities.  You don’t need to do all the same activities with the same gear….really there are no rules…just you having some photo fun this summer!


I’m of the perspective that we learn SO much from getting out there and learning through experience and getting playful with our cameras.  So I have a feeling you’ll have lots of fun and take more photos than you might be used to but there is no experience necessary at all!



What is a photo walk?

A photo walk is something you are likely already taking part in…taking your camera or phone out with you for a short (or long) stroll around your neighbourhood or your yard being open to what might catch your eye and bring forth that urge to take a picture!  In the context of this class, you can use any sort of camera…iPhones or smartphones are most definitely encouraged.


Your weekly photo walk could be:

  • Sacred solo time for you to make space for some self-care time

  • A weekly activity to invite your kids to join you in taking part in

  • You could have a friend join the class to and make it a weekly friend-date! 


A Facebook Group? You usually have Flickr Groups or no Group. What's up?

I know, this is a different choice for my classes but I'm following my intuition and experience of teaching classes and due to the nature of self-exploration in this class alongside the the length and spaciousness of this class…I feel like Facebook will actually be the best place for us to connect. I still love Flickr groups for the sacredness and privacy of the 30 Day Be Your Own Beloved classes but I’m switching it up for this one!

I also didn’t have any groups for the previous 2 Wander classes as they were both in seasons (summer and winter holidays) when my sense was that a group wouldn’t be very active and it kept the pressure off me as well during those seasons. This class also feels different in those ways and I’m actually really excited to connect with you in this process.  


Is there Feedback on my photos?

We are having a community group in this class and there will be connection through our group and I’ll be cheering you on with your photos as you share them. Much like the Flickr Group I’ll have some requests for sharing so we can all be seen/heard as we share our photos and also to make it manageable to respond/see the photos. 


I will also be checking in with the group daily (usually first thing in the morning as well as the end of the day) but of course will not be available the exact moment you post it to respond but will see what has been shared each day and leave you a note. I suspect your lovely peers in this class will too and we’ll learn lots from each other and our explorations in these 8 weeks. 


What if I’m not able to go on a photo walk?

The photo walk activities are designed to be done at any distance or any place.  You could go into your backyard, or go around your block. You could even do these practices in your room looking at the items you have around you in a new way. They are not intended to be done in epic locations or require lots of distance. It's far more about seeing your world in new ways than it is going to new places. If you are in a scooter or wheelchair, you are absolutely encouraged to take photo adventures in a way that works for your body. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions about the photo walk element of class!

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