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For the past two summers I’ve been offering a class called Wander which explores the practice of taking photo walks as a tool for self-connection, self-regulation, self-care and body acceptance. 


Here in the depths of winter (in the Northern Hemisphere) I found myself at that place where yet again, I feel disconnected from my walks, from my practice.  Sound familiar? It's no doubt it's harder to get motivated with the colder weather, shorter days, challenging weather. There is always going to be an ebb and flow in our creative and self-care practices.

Yet, there is ALWAYS beauty out there awaiting us through the lens, no matter the season and I'd love to invite you to see the season in a new way this year. 

Photowalks aren’t just about what we capture through the lens though. As we’ll explore in the class photowalks are really a vessel that allows us to make space to connect with ourselves and the world around us. To our feet on the ground. To our breath. To the natural world. To the light. It takes us away from the outside world even just for a few minutes and invites us inside and to use the lens to find things that deepen that connection even more. 

But as I found myself drawn back to the practice of going on photowalks I thought I’d love to invite you with me.

Now, I know December is a very busy month for everyone and this class is designed to be low pressure and to simply remind you to make some space and time to check in with yourself during this month. To return to you. To return to your breath. To return to your body. To return to your voice. 

To make some space for yourself to explore these weekly activities and see which ones feel like a nourishing practice and tool for self-support for you too.

The Course
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The Course

Here's a bit more about the class and what we'll be exploring!

The Wander Winter Photowalk Class includes:

  • 4 Weekly activities to explore during the month of December that will arrive inyour inbox. You just need to open them up, read them, then head out on your photo walk at some point during your week and respond to the photo invitation through your own lens. 

  • We do not have a community group for this class as I do in some of my other programs but we will be having a collective sharing on the @beyourownbeloved Instagram  at the end of the month where you can send in your favourite photo you took from that weeks prompt and I'll post a virtual photo walk where you can see everyone's images. ​


Each week during the program you'll receive a photo walk activity to explore at your own pace. You'll need to find 5-20 minutes (or even just 1 minute) to explore the activity. These aren't meant to be done in epic locations where you have hours to yourself...these are meant to be something simple you're doing around your home, or in a 1 block radius in your neighbourhood or in your yard.



December 2nd-30th, 2024



This class is by sliding scale.  The recommended cost is $39 but you are 100% welcome to adapt the price for what works for you in this season (including joining in for free). 


Register for Wander

Join in for Wander

Join me for 4 Weeks of Photowalk based activities. 

Prices are in Canadian Dollars and PayPal will exchange it into your currency.


This class is by sliding scale. The recommended price is $39 for the month but I know that this is a season where funds are often tight for folks so you are welcome to adjust the price to a price that works for you. When you click 'Join here' you'll see the price listed in a box and feel free to adjust the price there.


About Vivienne

I’m Vivienne, your guide in this online class. I created Be Your Own Beloved E-Courses after many years of using the camera as a tool to find my way back from a deep struggle with negative body image and self-hate. The curriculum in this program is derived from the same tools that I used to heal how I saw myself and find my own voice of how I saw myself (outside of my inner critics voice).

I hope you enjoy getting to know yourself through the lens and don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions!

For those of you on the fence, trust me. Sign up. I’ve taken two courses with Vivienne and I’ll surely sign up for more. Vivienne is compassionate without being schmaltzy, creative without being flighty, and meets learners where they are. Her ability to create a community seems easy but as an online educator, I know how hard it is. Her classes are well worth the investment and they made me love the camera and myself.

Amy Stevens



Here are the most frequently asked questions.
If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please Reach Out

Is this a self-portrait class?

This isn't a self-portrait class per say. So if you've been wanting to do a class with me but are resistant to selfies this might be one for you. That said, I will be mentioning selfies as an option with each activities but you're also to welcome to take a non-selfie as your photo for each prompt. 


Do I need to have photography experience?

Not at all! I wanted to use the term selfie in this class as it really isn’t about how fancy of a photo you take for the activities.  Its about you, using a tool that feels easeful to you (be it an iPhone or Android) or a point and shoot!  Whichever type of camera feels fun & exciting to pick up and take out for your adventures!  I think most of us will likely be using a smartphone or maybe taking a DSLR out for some activities.  You don’t need to do all the same activities with the same gear….really there are no rules…just you having some photo fun this summer!


I’m of the perspective that we learn SO much from getting out there and learning through experience and getting playful with our cameras.  So I have a feeling you’ll have lots of fun and take more photos than you might be used to but there is no experience necessary at all!


What is a photo walk?

A photo walk is something you are likely already taking part in…taking your camera or phone out with you for a short (or long) stroll around your neighbourhood or your yard being open to what might catch your eye and bring forth that urge to take a picture!  In the context of this class, you can use any sort of camera…iPhones or smartphones are most definitely encouraged.


Your weekly photo walk could be:

  • Sacred solo time for you to make space for some self-care time

  • A weekly activity to invite your kids to join you in taking part in

  • You could have a friend join the class to and make it a weekly friend-date! 


Can I join in late? 

Yes! Once we begin class I'll be scheduling this as a self-paced class so you can join in late and the prompts will start arriving the day you register and then continue for the 3 weeks after that.


Your classes usually have a Flickr Group and I love the energy in them.  Why is there no Flickr Group?

Indeed…I LOVE having a Flickr Group in classes too!  They are such a powerful and supportive community space for us to connect in class.  After teaching E-Courses for nearly 10+ years now, I’ve know which part of the year works for cultivating community and when it doesn't and December definitely isn't one of them! That said, we will do a collective photowalk at the end of the month!


I’ll be sharing lots of suggestions for ways we can share our photos as a community during class if that is something you are craving from the class, and if not…this journey truly can be about YOU and the experience of going on these photo walks, whether or not you share your photos!


What if I’m not able to go on a photo walk?

The photo walk activities are designed to be done at any distance or any place.  You could go into your backyard, or go around your block. You could even do these practices in your room looking at the items you have around you in a new way. They are not intended to be done in epic locations or require lots of distance. It's far more about seeing your world in new ways than it is going to new places. If you are in a scooter or wheelchair, you are absolutely encouraged to take photo adventures in a way that works for your body. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions about the photo walk element of class!

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